An integrated test module makes it simple to plan and conduct tests. ReQtest integrates test management with JIRA, allowing you to take advantage of JIRA’s issue tracking features. As the amount of time spent documenting decreases, the amount of time spent testing increases. Users may see the plan, their progress, and the next testing target all at once. Importing data from other applications, automated storing of changes, performing tests with custom data and other requirements, and bug identification are all features of the tool. Advanced test management tools allow you to define complex test scenarios and enable teams to test software against multiple configurations .

  • Customize statuses, reusable Test Case steps, test configurations, and more.
  • Report on manual testing progress easily through the use of defect reports.
  • Get automated time estimate for testing activity before critical releases.
  • Another great feature is the unique hierarchical filter trees, which are great for organizing everything and finding anything quickly.
  • UTAF is a one stop solution for providing script-less automation framework for testing web and mobile applications.

The manager who has to make the designs and planning has a little more work, but here, too, user-friendliness is decisive. The time must, therefore, be spent on making good designs and schedules and not on setting them up in the test management tool. And once a good design and planning have been set up, how easy is it to reuse it continuously. “TestRail is a great all-in-one tool for managing test repositories, creating test plans, tracking test execution progress, monitoring automation coverage, and generating insightful reports.” Using a test management tool you can improve communication between testing team members, and between testing and RnD. Originally developed by Gurock software in Germany, this test management tool is now owned by the Idera corporation. TestRail is a test management system and not an ALM application management solution as it does not have requirements and issue management modules.

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Report on manual testing progress easily through the use of defect reports. Each QA team works differently, and each person has their preferred method of working. No matter how team members work together, the test case management tool should be easy to use, encourage collaboration, and allow for flexibility if it will be helpful. A well-designed tool can significantly impact your QA team and help you achieve better test coverage, better testing efficiency, test management tools comparison and better test reporting analytics. It combines the project cycle with testing; you are enabled to track and generate empowered go or no-go decisions and software quality. Test concerns can be executed, produced, tracked, and reported on exactly like any other Jira concern. You can easily create test runs containing all test cases in a project, test cases in a few suites, test cases matching a complex criteria, or only specific test cases.

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A common meeting ground for all QA stakeholders, it enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results. Using the customizable filters you can organize your requirements, create & run tests , track bugs and windows server 2016 generate reports. TestLodge – TestLodge is an online test management tool without any user limits, allowing full teams of testers to plan and execute tests. The tool integrates with many issue trackers, including Bugzilla, GitHub, Jira, and Pivotal Tracker.


Excel might be a good option if the project is small and will remain small. These features make Kiwi TCMS one of the best test management tools that also happen to be open-source. If your developer team members prefer to skip the server configuration, there are subscription options available, in addition to their free plan. There are countless API tools in the market, but few of them are focused on functionally testing APIs. For example, Postman is a revolutionary tool for software development teams, but it does not combine codeless Functional API Automation with the ability to manage test cases. Thus, we can afford to offer the best Test Management Tools; no free trial version is required.

Advanced tools also allow you to track milestones, provide ways to view statistics and to view detailed reports of recent test activity. Aqua helps to choose the right test cases for automation, makes it easy to connect the right tools for the job and creates frictionless workflow.

Test Management Software Market 2022 by Major Players: qTest,PractiTest,Zephyr,Test Collab,TestFLO for JIRA,XQual,TestCaseLab,Adaptavist,QACoverage,Pl – ChattTenn Sports – ChattTenn Sports

Test Management Software Market 2022 by Major Players: qTest,PractiTest,Zephyr,Test Collab,TestFLO for JIRA,XQual,TestCaseLab,Adaptavist,QACoverage,Pl – ChattTenn Sports.View Full Coverage on Google News

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QADeputy is a modern test management tool designed for small to medium size teams. With all development requirements naturally linked to testing, you’ll never overlook another test.

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Kualitee is a test management tool and a complete ALM alternative for agile QA and Dev teams. It enables planning, writing, executing and tracking software tests in a collaborative setting. The tool provides easy reuse of test cases from repositories and keeps track of testing activities with complete traceability. Teams can manage different types of testing, including automation, functional, cross-browser etc., from one place without having to toggle between different software. Some popular features of Kualitee include a built-in defect management module, on-premise and on-cloud versions, requirement management, and mobile app. Kualitee works with a host of other tools such as Jira, GitLab and more through it’s built in integrations and API’s.

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Testopia is a test management extension of Bugzilla; it is designed for tracking test cases. You can also track the progression of weekly or release-based testing done by various QA teams.

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The world’s biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History. If you’re a test manager–or any sort of manager, for that matter–in a company that’s transitioning to agile, you might be curious about where you stand in the new environment. Many of the traditional management roles are gone, but managers still have their place. By providing this information, you confirm that you agree to the processing of your personal data by aqua cloud GmbH as stated in the privacy policy. Test ManagementCompose test cases, organize these in test scenarios and execute them manually within the team. Thanks to aqua we were able to take our test management to a new level. The possibility to design modular and parameterizable test cases leads to a very slim structure, enables a high reusability and accelerates the creation of new tests.

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Using test management tools makes the process much simpler by providing you with a central location where you can monitor your tests from a top-down perspective. QMetry Test Management provides testing teams with complete visibility over the testing process and is suitable for enterprises of all sizes. The system is available as a SaaS platform or for installation on your own Linux servers. You need to contact the Sales Department to get the price for either version. TestRail is a web-based test management that delivers a centralized location for you to manage your testing. Through the dashboard, you can execute test runs and monitor the results. For example, you can run a test run and view the amount that Passed, were Blocked, need a Retest, or Failed, with a pie chart.

This application can be used to manage both testing projects and teams. Its features include tracking releases, handling test case, tracking code reviews, resource allocation, smart reporting, and monitoring release status. A test management tool must maintain all the manual testing activities . As said, these are to define requirements and risks, design test cases, plan test runs, analyze test results, and manage related issues. The whole process is managed by a test management tool to make your work easier and reusable. These are the most outstanding selection criteria in choosing test management software. By clicking on the topic, you can read more about the options test management tools offer.

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Designing test cases is easier given the audit history – view how tests have changed over time. You can download the software as both a Community Edition or Enterprise Edition for free. Both editions include comprehensive support as well as server installation and cloud services. Fitnesse allows customers, testers, and developers to work together to create test cases via a wiki. Reports can be generated through the reporting tab of the application.

Full Test Case edits and execution history to run historical reporting. Creation of parameterized test, test review, and scheduling, workflow management.

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Get the most comprehensive rich test artifacts on the market, like crash logs, screenshots, and HAR files. Get visual validation for a side-by-side comparison across platforms. Meliora Testlab is a test management / application lifecycle management tool with unique features to support manual and automated testing. The tool is easy to use, but has powerful features that really help it’s users see what should be done next to improve quality. It’s one of the very rare open source test management tools in the market.


You can view the details of your team members and what projects they are currently assigned to. You can use Testlio’s test management software with your in-house employees, Testlio’s freelance network of testers, or both. Having asingle testing management platform allows you to better utilize your internal and external testing resources based on your needs—instead of getting locked into set costs. Cloud-based Gemini offers no project limits on their plans and can be used to manage the entire test lifecycle. When complete traceability matters, many teams trust Gemini. If you are looking for creating Test Plans, Requirements, Test Suites, Test Cases, and Test Execution, cloud-based TestLodge is the tool for you. Creating and managing test cases is a breeze and creating test plans is even easier in the simple TestLodge user interface.

Within TestMonitor, you get several standard roles, with which you can easily and quickly have the most critical authorizations, such as a tester, manager, and auditor who can only read. For example, you can give someone the right to view the requirements and risks, to act as a tester, and to provide issues with comments. And you do not have access to the analysis section and the reports. TestMonitor gives much flexibility for your authorizations in your project. Integrated requirements management, quality management, configuration management, project planning and tracking in order to make better development decisions.

Aqua ALM is perfectly suited for all employees executing several roles and tasks. Requirement ManagementCollaborative requirement management becomes easy using aqua Pro. As a team, create and work on user stories, epics, requirements & specifications.

More reports are available online and can be created individually for you on request. I was surprised to find such a comprehensive and mature tool for test management in the German market without having taken it seriously beforehand. Aqua offers a connection to our existing tools like J-Meter, Jira and SoapUI. We have successfully replaced Testlink and have achieved impressive transparency across the entire QA. The significance of the test management tools cannot be overlooked as they provide assistance to the testers to streamline their work. Therefore, we are presenting you with the list of top 15 test management tools for 2022. A component for managing tasks and evaluating test activities is integrated.

In a collaborative platform, you may manage, organise, and track your testing. Aids in the management of regulatory requirements and the preparation for compliance audits.